Klarna Docs - Customer token

Customer token

Everything you ever wanted to know about customer tokens (but were too afraid to ask).

A customer token is the combination of customer details and payment method data, together with a connection to a specific merchant.

A customer token helps speed up the checkout process. You only have to collect a customer's details and payment method information once to be able to reuse it for recurring orders. The customer doesn't need to take action as you can create orders on their behalf.

When you create an order using a customer token, we run a risk and fraud assessment to ensure that the customer can be offered credit for the order amount.

Customer tokens are stored in Klarna’s internal secure databases and no private information linked to customer tokens is shared externally.

You have to inform your customers that you're creating customer tokens for them and explain how you'll use the tokens to create orders. You can include this information in your store's terms and conditions.

You can create a customer token by sending a request through Klarna payments API.

A customer token can be either active, suspended, or canceled. When a token is created, its status is set to active by default.

You can use the Klarna payments API to perform three actions related to a customer token:

  1. Create an order in a payment session with intent set to tokenize or buy_and_tokenize.
  2. Check the details of a customer token.
  3. Cancel a customer token.

A customer token doesn't have an expiration date. It stays active until you cancel it.

Once you know that you'll not use a customer token anymore, for example, if your customer unsubscribes from your service or deletes their account, you can cancel a customer token using the Klarna payments API.

To check the status of a customer token, send a request using the Klarna payments API.

Yes, you can share a customer token between multiple Merchant IDs (MIDs) used by your company (for example, one MID dedicated to customer signup and another for placing orders).

Initially, we assign a new customer token to the MID you got when you were onboarded to Klarna. If you want to link a customer token to other MIDs, contact Merchant support.

If you're using customer tokens in your checkout, you need to:

  1. Inform your customers of how you'll use the customer token for recurring purchases.
  2. Store customer tokens securely.
  3. Map your customers to customer tokens. Be able to correctly map your customer to our customer token ID.
  4. Trigger purchases from a customer token.

Only tokenizing or connecting it to the purchase flow? You can create a free-standing signup flow for customers to sign them up for tokens. You can also combine a purchase and create a customer token in the same session.