Klarna Docs - Purchase country, locale, and currency

Purchase country, locale, and currency

When initiating a payment, you need to define a country, locale, and currency for the payment session. Learn which are the valid values for these parameters and how to map them.

We offer different payment methods and purchase flows depending on the country. It is important that you share with us the correct country in the request to initiate a payment.

You need to sign an agreement (or addendum to an agreement) for each country you want to enable in your Klarna payments offer. Contact merchant support to add a new country to your setup.

We support a limited set of locales per country. You can check them next in the Data mapping section.

We only support the local currency of each country.

The following table shows the list of available countries, locales, and currencies for Klarna payments.

Important: Keep in mind that the locale used will define also the expected characters in all data points. For example, if you define locale=en-GR , then data points are expected to be in latin characters and not greek characters. In order to send greek characters you should define locale=el-GR.

AustriaATde-AT, en-ATEUR
BelgiumBEnl-BE, fr-BE, en-BEEUR
CanadaCAen-CA, fr-CACAD
Czech RepublicCZcs-CZ, en-CZCZK
DenmarkDKda-DK, en-DKDKK
FinlandFIfi-FI, sv-FI, en-FIEUR
FranceFRfr-FR, en-FREUR
GermanyDEde-DE, en-DEEUR
Greece*GRel-GR, en-GREUR
HungaryHUhu-HU, en-HUHUF
Ireland (Republic of Ireland)IEen-IEEUR
ItalyITit-IT, en-ITEUR
MexicoMXen-MX, es-MXMXN
NetherlandsNLnl-NL, en-NLEUR
New ZealandNZen-NZNZD
NorwayNOnb-NO, en-NONOK
PolandPLpl-PL, en-PLPLN
PortugalPTpt-PT, en-PTEUR
RomaniaROro-RO, en-RORON
SlovakiaSKsk-SK, en-SKEUR
SpainESes-ES, en-ESEUR
SwedenSEsv-SE, en-SESEK
SwitzerlandCHde-CH, fr-CH, it-CH, en-CHCHF
United KingdomGBen-GBGBP
United StatesUSen-US, es-USUSD