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Extra merchant data

Learn about all the additional information about your customer you can send.

Depending on the merchant segment and/or the services available to consumers, Klarna may require additional information regarding the customer, the merchant and/or the purchase. This information, referred to as extra merchant data (EMD), consist of data that is typically not available at the checkout, but which enables Klarna to complete an assertive risk assessment, enable new promotional products and improve conversion rates for a boost in performance.

While in some scenarios sharing EMD is optional and only connected to the enablement of new solutions (depending on the business category or the type of goods sold), certain segments or use cases will require you to provide Klarna with specific EMD packages.

It is mandatory for you as a merchant to provide Klarna with the required EMD data points if you operate within the following segments or if any of these use cases apply to you:

Segment and other use casesEMD requiredDetails
Travelair_reservation_details train_reservation_details bus_reservation_details ferry_reservation_details car_rental_reservation_details hotel_reservation_details trip_reservation_details if you are selling services associated to travel segment, you are required to provide information about the passengers and the itinerary to be booked via the applicable EMD for the service provided.
Marketplacemarketplace_seller_info when enabling marketplace services and creating an order for a sub-seller, you are required to shared information about the sub-seller including the category of the products being sold and the id of the seller.
Ticketingevent if you are selling ticket to an event, you have to provide information about the event.
Subscriptions and On-Demandcustomer_tokensif you are selling subscriptions or enabling recurring payments, you are required to provide subscription object and customer info information.
Selling in physical storein_store_paymentfor any segment, if the purchase is done in a physical store you are required to send the EMD to allow appropriated risk analysis of the transaction and properly identify the location of the purchase.
Registered checkoutcustomer_account_info payment_history_full payment_history_simple in the case you enable consumers to register to your site, EMD will allow us to identify your returning consumers and enhance the services offered even if they have no previous history paying with Klarna.
Pick up in storeother_delivery_address for any segment, if the consumer is allowed to buy online and pick up the product in a physical store, then you are required to send the EMD to allow appropriated risk analysis of the transaction.

Additionally to these use cases, depending on the risk evaluation during the merchant onboarding process, we might request additional information to be provided through a specific EMD appendix.

Find out more about the different data fields for each package by checking the attachments specification.

You need to include the extra merchant data in an attachment property of the payload when getting authorization or updating a session.

API requests that allow sending and processing EMD

Add the relevant data based on the specification and your product vertical. To know which product vertical is right for you, contact merchant support.

The following example shows how to send EMD including consumer_account_info:

  "attachment": {
  	"content_type": "application/vnd.klarna.internal.emd-v2+json",
    "body": "{\"customer_account_info\":[{\"unique_account_identifier\":\"1234567890qwertyuiopasdfg\",\"account_registration_date\":\"2021-06-10T12:02:21Z\",\"app_id\":\"88b98fb7-d820-493c-b0dc-5f9eb1d21472\",\"account_last_modified\":\"2021-07-10T12:02:21Z\",\"loyalty_level\":\"high\"}]}"        

Sending extra merchant data.