Klarna Docs - Before you start

Before you start

Learn about the prerequisites for using Scan QR in your store.

Read about the specific requirements applicable to your store's setup.

For the dynamic QR flavor of Scan QR, a unique QR code is created for each payment session. To make that possible, the store must have a digital consumer-facing screen, such as a self-checkout, an iPad, or a mobile checkout device, on which the dynamic QR codes can be displayed.

If you want to create a custom branded QR code for your store, use payment link to generate QR codes with your own images. The QR codes must be unique for each payment session.

If for any reason you can't display a QR code to the customer, you can share the payment link with the customer by email, text, or another messaging solution so that the customer can complete the payment afterwards.

If you wish to present static QR codes in your store, reach out to Klarna and provide the following details:

  • Your merchant ID (MID)
  • Quantity of QR codes. As the prints may become damaged overtime, we recommend you order more prints than there are stores in which you want to display the codes.
  • The country where the stores are located.
  • The language to be used on the prints.
  • The address to which Klarna will ship the printed QR codes.

Once you receive the shipment:

  • Inform your Klarna account manager that you received the static QR codes so that we can activate them.
  • Distribute the printed QR codes to individual stores. Each QR signage pack contains a stack of printed QR codes. Each QR code is unique and is assigned a serial number. However, they are not linked to specific store locations and you can distribute the codes across stores you wish.

When you’ve completed the setup:

  • Perform a test transaction to make sure the static QR codes are usable.
  • Once tested, provide customization requirements, such adjusting the length of the verification short code or extending the payment session’s timeout.

Once the solution is up and running in your stores, ensure static QRs are examined daily for any tampering, misplacement, or wear and tear prevention. If a print is lost, damaged, or in any way compromised, please inform Klarna so that we can deactivate any affected QR codes.