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Hosted Payment Page

The Hosted Payment Page (HPP) is a service that lets you use Klarna to accept payments without the need of integrating our products in your web pages, or even without having any consumer fronting website.

It supports both Klarna Checkout and Klarna Payments so that you can pick the solution that matches the best your needs.

Hosted Payment Page
Klarna Payments
HPP is a companion service to Klarna Payments to deliver the Payment experience to your consumers.
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Klarna Checkout
Hosted Klarna Checkout is a companion service to Klarna Checkout to deliver a complete checkout to your consumers.
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HPP lets you provide Klarna as a payment method in your physical store.
HPP lets you accept payments in a Telesales flow. Send your consumer a link by e-mail or sms to pay.
HPP lets you accept payments on your website with Klarna. No need for any client-side integration.
Direct integrations
Click here if your plan is to start a direct integration without using third parts platforms.
Not a developer ?
You don't need HPP to accept payments with Klarna. Connect Klarna to your business using third party platforms. Check-out our Platform Solutions in the header menu.

Learn more about how to integrate HPP