Klarna Docs - Before you start

Before you start

In order to set up your integration with Sign in with Klarna, we require certain information from you.

To start the integration process for Sign in with Klarna, please reach out to your Partner Success Team. They will assign a Solutions and Delivery Lead to guide you through the integration process, which includes generating your credentials and configuring the data points (scopes) you will receive.

To expedite the process, please prepare the following information:

  1. Application name: Provide the official name of your application, the same name displayed to users before they are redirected to Klarna. This name will be visible on the consent screen.
  2. Authorized domains: Create an allowlist of domains where your application is hosted. Klarna will only authenticate your application if it is accessed from these authorized domains.
  3. Application homepage link: Share a link to the homepage of your application. The homepage must be hosted on one of the authorized domains mentioned above.
  4. Application Privacy Policy and Terms of Service links: Provide links to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service pages for your application. These pages must be hosted on an authorized domain. We will display these links to users within the Sign-up flow.