Klarna Docs - Button styling

Button styling

This section explains how to adjust the Sign in with Klarna button to match your store’s look and feel while adhering to our brand requirements.

The way you change the button's appearance depends on which method you've used to add the button to your platform.

Using the system-provided button is the simplest and most straightforward approach. This button comes pre-designed with Klarna's branding, ensuring immediate recognition and trust from users familiar with the Klarna payment experience. This section provides guidelines on how to effectively implement this button, focusing on placement, size, design consistency, and accessibility. By adhering to these recommendations, you can leverage the trusted Klarna brand to enhance your user’s experience, streamline the sign-in process, and potentially increase conversion rates.

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For those looking to maintain a cohesive brand experience across your platform while integrating Sign in with Klarna, creating a custom button offers flexibility and control. This option allows for adoption of Klarna's sign-in functionality to fit the unique style and layout of your site.

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