Klarna Docs - Go-live checklist

Go-live checklist

The required steps to go live with Klarna OSM in your production environment.

To go live with OSM integration in your production environment you need to follow the next steps:

Note: Only the Installation snippet needs to be replaced, placement snippets stay the same in playground and production.

  • Login to the Merchant Portal.
  • Go to On-site messaging > Installation.
  • Copy the installation snippet and switch it for the playground snippet that was previously installed in your environment.

Do not skip this step as your clientID would be different in playground and production and any changes in the future won't be visible in your production environment.

Difference between playground and production in on-site messaging script

This is an example of the scripts for playground and production, you will find yours in the Merchant Portal.

To keep any custom changes for the On-site Messaging placements you will need to replicate these on the Merchants Portal placement custom panel.