Klarna Docs - Step 1: Activate

Step 1: Activate

Learn how to activate On-site messaging. Follow this guide if your website isn't using third-party plugins.

To add On-site messaging to your website, you first need to activate the feature in the Merchant portal. Check that you've all prerequisites covered, then follow the steps outlined in detail below.

If you've been onboarded through one of our partners, skip this step and go to installation.

1. Log in to the Merchant portal

Log in to the Merchant portal using one of the following links:

To try out the feature, perform a test integration in the test (playground) environment, then follow the Step 4: Go live to complete the integration in the live (production) environment.

The changes you make in the playground environment won't impact your production integration.

A screenshot of the Merchant portal login page.

The login screen of the Merchant portal.

2. Go to On-site messaging

Once you're logged in, open the On-site messaging menu either from the left sidebar or the shortcut in the Tools section.

On-site messaging shortcuts in the Merchant portal.

Congratulations! You can now see the On-site messaging menu items on the sidebar. Check out each section and once you're ready, continue to installation.

The On-site messaging panel in the Merchant portal after activation.