Klarna Docs - Integrate On-site messaging

Integrate On-site messaging

Learn how you can add On-site messaging. Get a glimpse of what each integration option offers and start implementing.

The On-site messaging JavaScript library consists of code snippets you can add to your website. The snippets contain your individual data-client-id to ensure that the messaging reflects the payment methods you offer to your customers.

Follow the implementation guide to activate, install, and customize On-site messaging.

Want to add On-site messaging to your mobile apps? Go ahead. We offer dedicated solutions for both iOS and Android.

You can also use On-site messaging to promote Klarna payment methods if your website runs on a third-party platform:

In addition to our recommended integration approaches via plugins and Web SDK, the On-site messaging API offers you the availability of implementing our messaging with a server-side integration.

API integration enables limited capabilities and placements and should only be used as an alternative in case Web SDK integration is not possible.

The API is not activated by default, you need to request access to your Klarna account manager, otherwise the OSM API backend will return a 403 - Forbidden response.

To integrate via API, follow the implementation guide to activate, install and customize On-site messaging.