Klarna Docs - Before you start.

Before you start.

Ready to make the most of On-site messaging? Here's what you need to know before integrating this solution into your store's website or mobile app.

One way to implement On-site messaging is through a client-side integration, using our Merchant portal for setup and maintenance. For this integration, you also have the test Merchant portal, which you can use to test the messaging assets before changing the code in production.

Want to know more about other ways to integrate? See the Integrate with On-site messaging section.

Ensure you start by customizing and trying out your messaging assets in the test Merchant portal (playground environment), and then you reproduce the configuration in the Merchant portal (production environment).

Depending on how you are integrating, some of the following tools and technical considerations might help you to make the best out of On-site messaging:

Merchant portal (production environment)
The workplace to manage all the Klarna products integrated with your business. The portal lets you control and operate On-site messaging.

This tool is useful if you go with client-side integration. To know more about other ways of integration, see the Integrate with On-site messaging section.

Merchant portal playground (test environment)
Design and try out the assets in the Merchant portal's playground environment before going live.

Merchant portal credentials
For both playground and production environments, you require an account to access and start using the Merchant portal. Make sure to select the right environment you want to access.

Demo store
See what your customers experience when they shop with Klarna. Here you can visualize how the different messaging assets look.

Before getting down to work, you also need to know where you'd like the messaging to appear on your online store.

We aim to provide support for the last three major versions of the popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari) that covers at least 99.5% of the market share.

Source code
You need access and editing privileges to the source code of your online store.

Merchant ID

You can get this identification number in the Merchant portal or you can request it from your account manager.