Klarna Docs - Detailed product data.

Detailed product data.

AdultContentIndicate if a product includes sexually suggestive content (yes/no).
AgeGroupThe demographic for which your product is intended.
BundledIndicates a product is a merchant-defined custom group of different products featuring one main product (yes/no).
ColorYour product’s color(s).
EnergyEfficiencyClassYour product’s energy label.
GenderThe gender for which your product is intended.
ConditionThe condition of your product at the time of sale e.g. "new," "used," "refurbished," "demo."
GroupIdThe ID for a group of products that come in different versions (variants).
MaterialYour product’s fabric or material.
MultipackThe number of identical products sold within a merchant-defined multipack (yes/no).
PatternYour product’s pattern or graphic print.
SizeYour product’s size.
SizeSystemThe country of the size system used by your product