Klarna Docs - Getting started.

Getting started.

The easiest, most comfortable way to get your products listed is to share them with us through a feed. Simply upload your product catalog to a server and send us the link so we can import it. The majority of e-commerce platforms have simple solutions for this, and are usually included in their standard solution.

After sharing your product information with us through the feed, it usually takes less than a minute for our system to process the details, and you have complete control of what is displayed. If you don’t have a product feed, we can collect all the information directly from your site. However, this solution is more time- and resource-intensive, and if you make any changes to your site, there is a risk that your products will disappear. Please contact us to discuss the most appropriate option for your site.

We always strive to display correct and complete information. That’s why it’s important to update the data in the feed often and include all relevant details.

Bulk pricing, such as a fixed price for buying four of the same product, is not accepted. If you have a specific price for bulk buys, the price for purchasing a single product should still be shown in the price file. This is regardless of how common bulk buying is among your visitors.

If you have any questions about the price file, please don’t hesitate to contact us.