Klarna Docs - Marketing for integrated partners

Marketing for integrated partners

Welcome to the Klarna partner marketing hub – your essential guide for seamlessly integrating Klarna into your marketing efforts. As our partner, you have access to a full suite of tools and information designed to help you effectively showcase Klarna's payment solutions to your customers.

Brand guidelines and assets:

  • Logos and trademarks
  • Partner logo lockups
  • Pre-approved messaging
  • Ready-made advertising banners
  • Ready-made email templates

In-store activation instructions

Klarna landing page implementation guidance

Compliance guidance and promotion best practices

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When marketing with Klarna, it's crucial to adhere to these best practices:

  • Use approved messaging: Rely on Klarna-approved messaging to maintain clarity and prevent misinterpretation of our products and terms.
  • Promote responsible spending:  Advocate for sensible shopping habits and refrain from suggesting that customers spend beyond their means. 
  • Keep it clear and informative: Aim for messaging that is simple, transparent, and educational, especially during the checkout process to ensure customer comprehension
  • Utilize pre-made assets: Leverage our downloadable banners and templates to save time and ensure message consistency.
  • Avoid exaggeration: Refrain from overstating the benefits or sharing personal opinions about financial products. Be careful not to appear as giving financial advice.
  • Be sensitive and contextual: Always take into account the wider economic context and individual customer circumstances when promoting Klarna across different media.