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Logos (trademarks)

Marketing communication

The Klarna marketing badge (preferred option)

This badge is our main brand carrying asset. Use it consistently, in the approved form for all channels wherever possible. Only exists in pink.

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The Klarna logotype (in black and white)

Use when it's not possible to use the Klarna Marketing Badge. The Klarna logotype exists only in a black and a white version.

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Clear space

The height of the badge or logo defines the minimum clear space. The clear space can be increased but never decreased.

Klarna marketing badge
If you use 40% of the height of the badge, it equals the surrounding clear space.

Klarna badge minimum size
30px height

A6: 25mm width
A3, A4, A5: 35mm width

Klarna logotype
The height put in square equals the surrounding clear space.

Klarna logotype minimum size


Checkout communication

Klarna checkout badge

This badge is used exclusively in the checkout and next to other payment providers. The Klarna checkout badge has sharper edges than the Klarna marketing badge.

The Klarna checkout badge next to other payment providers

Always try to use the pink Klarna checkout badge. If that’s not possible, use the white or black versions. The checkout badge is not downloadable. Click here for more information about the checkout badge.

Trademarks - misuse

We like our trademarks as they are. Don ́t alter them in any way.