Klarna Docs - Extra merchant data

Extra merchant data

Learn about all the additional information about your customer you can send.

In some cases, we require additional information regarding the customer and the purchase in order to make a correct risk assessment. This information, called extra merchant data (EMD), may consist of data about the customer performing the transaction, the product/services associated with the transaction, or the seller and their affiliates.

Depending on the business category or the type of goods sold, you must provide specific EMD packages. Learn what information is mandatory in each package and how to send it to us.

  • Travel-related transactions - when creating an order for selling travel tickets, you have to provide information about the passengers and the itinerary to be booked.
  • Event sales orders - when creating an order for selling a ticket to an event, you have to provide information about the event.
  • Recurring payment transactions - when creating an order for subscriptions or recurring payments, you have to provide subscription and customer account information.
  • Marketplace orders - when creating an order for selling through a marketplace, you have to provide information on the seller and the consumer.
  • Other - there are other use cases where EMD is required, such as when a voucher is used in a transaction or when a customer is using a guest checkout flow.
  • Custom EMD packages - depending on the risk evaluation during the merchant onboarding process, we might request additional information to be provided through a specific EMD appendix.

Find out more about the different data fields for each package by checking the attachments specification.

You need to include the extra merchant data in an attachment property of the payload when getting authorization or updating an order.

Add the relevant data based on the specification and your product vertical. To know which product vertical is right for you, contact merchant support.

The following example shows EMD for recurring orders, which require subscription details.

  "attachment": {
  	"content_type": "application/vnd.klarna.internal.emd-v2+json",
    "body": "{\"subscription\":[{\"subscription_name\":\"Contact_lenses\",\"start_time\":\"2020-11-24T15:00\",\"end_time\":\"2021-11-24T15:00\",\"auto_renewal_of_subscription\":false}],\"customer_account_info\":[{\"unique_account_identifier\":\"Adam_Adamsson\",\"account_registration_date\":\"2020-11-24T15:00\",\"account_last_modified\":\"2020-11-24T15:00\"}]}"        

Sending extra merchant data.