Klarna Docs - Render Confirmation snippet

Render Confirmation snippet

It’s now time to render the confirmation snippet.

Get the value of the html_snippet from the read order call response and embed it into your page where you would like the confirmation iframe to be shown.

Note: The confirmation page will only be rendered for 2h after the order has been completed. Do not include it anywhere else than the confirmation page.

Embedding the snippet

There are two recommended ways of embedding the HTML snippet, server side or client side.

Server side

Embed the HTML snippet in your page served by your backend.

    <!-- Your confirmation page html -->
    <!-- More of your confirmation page html -->

This is the most straightforward approach for rendering the confirmation iframe.

Client side

Get the snippet via an ajax call from you server and inject it dynamically, using javascript, into your page. In this case, we should be sure that the script tag(s) are parsed and evaluated, which means inserting the snippet using innerHTML is not going to work.

getSnippet(/* Your backend endpoint URL */).then(function renderSnippet(htmlSnippet) {
  var confirmationContainer = document.getElementById('my-confirmation-container')
  confirmationContainer.innerHTML = htmlSnippet
  var scriptsTags = confirmationContainer.getElementsByTagName('script')
  // This is necessary otherwise the scripts tags are not going to be evaluated
  for (var i = 0; i < scriptsTags.length; i++) {
      var parentNode = scriptsTags[i].parentNode
      var newScriptTag = document.createElement('script')
      newScriptTag.type = 'text/javascript'
      newScriptTag.text = scriptsTags[i].text


The snippet will render the confirmation iframe so this is what you should see in your browser:

Example Image. In different regions this looks different.

What’s next?

Well done, you have successfully integrated Klarna checkout and displayed the confirmation page!

To have a fully functional integration you need to read through: