Klarna Docs - Read order

Read order

Now you should complete the order in the rendered checkout on your webpage, use some fake data to complete the purchase. After completing the purchase you will be redirected to the url in the merchant_urls.confirmation provided in the create order request.

For instance with these merchant urls:

"merchant_urls": {
  "terms": "https://merchant.com/tac.php",
  "checkout": "https://merchant.com/checkout.php?sid={checkout.order.id}",
  "confirmation": "https://merchant.com/thankyou.php?sid={checkout.order.id}",
  "push": "https://merchant.com/kco/push.php?checkout_uri={checkout.order.id}"

the users would be redirected to: https://merchant.com/thankyou.php?sid=8cf27b55-53e8-6aba-9fb4-7c692e56ddeewhere 8cf27b55-53e8-6aba-9fb4-7c692e56ddee is an example of {checkout.order.id}.

In a live integration you should now use the checkout order id found in the query parameters from the merchant-confirmation url to fetch the order from Klarna. For this guide you need to keep track on the order_id from the create order response return values.

Read order request

To read the order you will use our REST API and make a HTTP GET request towards the endpoint /checkout/v3/orders/order_id where you replace order_id with the the order_id from the create order response. You need to send the header content-type: application/json and have an empty body.

Read order response

  "order_id": "8cf27b55-53e8-6aba-9fb4-7c692e56ddee",
  "status": "checkout_complete",
  "purchase_country": "gb",
  "purchase_currency": "GBP",
  "locale": "en-GB",
  "billing_address": {
    "given_name": "Testperson-se",
    "family_name": "Approved",
    "email": "Testperson-se@test.klarna.com",