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Plugins and documentation

To make it easier for merchants' technical teams to start using our products, we've partnered with a number of retail software system providers and built integrations that can be configured on the retail software system. This lets merchants use our products without having to build an integration.


The XStore plugin for versions 15 through 18 (Windows and Linux) lets you install and configure Digital receipts on your XStore POS system.

The listed .zip files contain containing the executable .jar and installation instructions for each version.

flexEngage Receipts for XStore v15 - ZIP

flexEngage Receipts for XStore v16 - ZIP

flexEngage Receipts for XStore v17 - ZIP

flexEngage Receipts for XStore v18 - ZIP


An integration with the STORIS POS system version 9.0 is built into the product.

Setting Up flexEngage Digital Receipts on STORIS - PDF

Retail Pro

Install and configure the Retail Pro v9 plugin on your Retail Pro system.  

The .zip file contains the installation file, installation instructions, and a one-pager for your cashiers with information about sending digital receipts.

flexEngage Receipts for Retail Pro v9 - ZIP


We have an integration with the Aptos POS system (both Store 6.4 and Aptos One) built within the core APTOS product, and we have an integration developed with the APTOS EOM Order Management System.  

Setting Up flexEngage Digital Receipts on Aptos Store 6.4 - PDF
Setting Up flexEngage Receipts on Aptos ONE - PDF

APTOS EOM and flexEngage eCommerce Integration - PDF