Klarna Docs - Partnerships


We have teamed up with leading logistics partners and platform partners to enable the Klarna Shipping Assistant for merchants. The partners below have already implemented our Shipping API and can provide Klarna with the shipping options defined by our common customers. This means that if you are working with one of our existing partners, you can easily activate the Klarna Shipping Assistant without any integration needed.

Below you can find our available partners. This list is continuously growing as we are working on integrations in all markets where we offer the Klarna Checkout. We are open to any partnerships which will make it easier for our merchants to use the Klarna Shipping Assistant. If you are interested in a partnership, reach out to us.

nShift offers nShift Checkout, a standardized tool that enables merchants to provide their customers with delivery options. Our partnership with nShift enables merchants using nShift Checkout to present their available shipping options in the Klarna Checkout. nShift provides Klarna with shipping options based on the rules set by the merchant in nShift Checkout. The partnership is free of charge providing our merchants can share the tracking information of the sent parcel with us. You can find more information on how to share tracking here. Before using the Klarna Shipping Assistant, you should configure your shipping options in nShift Checkout and provide Klarna with the shipping credentials.

For more information about onboarding, visit the nShift Checkout help.

Consignor gives you the tools to automate your delivery process all the way from checkout, carrier rating and shipment consolidation through label print, manifest and tracking to notifications and return management. Our partnership with Consignor enables a connection between the Klarna Shipping Assistant and your Consignor solution. Consignor provides us with your preferred shipping options and the tracking number and carrier of the shipment. We present your shipping options in your checkout with our user-friendly design. Customers can then easily select their preferred delivery method and track their orders in real-time using the Klarna App.

To get up and running with this integration, you will need a Klarna subscription and the latest version of Klarna Checkout v3. From Consignor, you need a subscription with a Ship Advisor add-on. Before using the Klarna Shipping Assistant, you must first configure your shipping options with Consignor, then provide Klarna with your shipping credentials.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set this up.

Webshipper is an easy-to-use tool that lets you automate your entire order and shipping flow from checkout to printing shipping labels. Webshipper also enables you to create paperless customs documents, handle return orders and view freight rates.

Our partnership with Webshipper connects Klarna Shipping assistant and your Webshipper account. Webshipper transfers shipping methods, drop points, and shipping rates directly to Klarna Checkout. Shipping methods and prices are displayed in the checkout, and your customers can easily choose their preferred shipping methods and track their orders in real-time with the Klarna App.

PostNord is the leading carrier to, from, and within the Nordics. Send Direct Business is PostNord’s web app which manages shipping and tracking for businesses. The tool integrates with Klarna’s Shipping assistant, allowing you to configure the exact shipping options offered in your Klarna Checkout. When a customer makes a purchase, the integration automatically places shipping orders in Send Direct Business. From there, you can print labels for free, order parcel pickups, as well as track and manage your PostNord shipments to and from your company.

Follow these setup instructions to get started, and book an onboarding session if you need help. You will need to have an account in PostNord Portal Business - sign up here.

Shipmondo is an online platform that lifts your logistics to the next level by offering a complete shipping solution across a great selection of carriers. Our partnership with Shipmondo integrates the Klarna Shipping Assistant with your Shipmondo account, allowing you to present your available shipping methods and prices in the Klarna Checkout.

You can import your orders from your webshop, book freight across your carriers, send personalized messages with tracking, print packing lists, shipping labels, customs papers, capture payments and complete your orders. All at once. All in one solution.

40.000+ businesses are already using Shipmondo. Create an account free of charge and get started right away. You have unlimited access to all features, services and customer support. No subscription, binding or hidden fees.

Click here to see Shipmondo’s step-by-step guide.

Fraktjakt is an online shipping administration system featuring streamlined processes for booking and follow-up of your shipments as well as printing shipping labels and customs documents. Fraktjakt integrates seamlessly with Klarna Shipping Assistant (KSA) to provide unsurpassed ease of use and time-saving functionality to you and your e-commerce customers.

As an e-commerce business with a Fraktjakt account integrated with KSA, you can allow your customers to choose shipping services and delivery agents directly in the Klarna Checkout. The integration immediately sends all the data required for a transport booking to your business account in Fraktjakt. Your customer enjoys a swift and efficient checkout experience. Meanwhile, you avoid the manual and time-consuming task of cutting and pasting delivery information into one or more different transport booking systems. Fraktjakt takes care of the rest quickly and efficiently.

As a Fraktjakt business customer using the Klarna integration, you can combine booking shipments either on your shipping contracts or on Fraktjakt's built-in and highly rebated group contracts. You also have access to Fraktjakt's advanced price optimization, postal code verification and bin-packing technologies, and customs documentation and currencies support. Fraktjakt provides shipping statistics, branded shipping notifications and tracking information. Click here to read more.

Porterbuddy is a logistics platform that provides efficient and customer-centric, last-mile delivery of products. By combining innovative technology and excess capacity out there, we deliver in urban areas whenever and wherever you want!

Gordon is a last-mile logistics platform that offers an all-in-one solution for delivery management. Our platform helps retailers, producers, and delivery companies across Europe scale their delivery operations and increase efficiency while providing a state-of-the-art end-customer experience.