Klarna Docs - What you can test.

What you can test.

Ready for a smoooth experience?

In the test (playground) environment, you can test the integration of the following products in your online store:

  • Klarna Payments lets you offer Klarna as a payment method to your customers.
  • Klarna Checkout lets you offer Klarna’s checkout module in your online store.

Before you start testing the Klarna products, consider the following:

  • Our live systems (production) don't process the purchases completed in the playground environment. These test purchases will not result in invoices or fees
  • Don’t use real personal data during testing. Depending on which country your store operates in, we offer sample data that you can use. 
  • In the playground environment, you can test all Klarna products. The products you see in production may differ from the ones available in the playground environment, depending on your contract.

When integrating your store with the Klarna products, you can test:

To understand what the experience is like for your customers, go to our Demo store.