Klarna Docs - Merchant Portal user guide

Merchant Portal user guide

Klarna’s Merchant Portal is the online platform where you will be able to manage all of the details associated with your Klarna account, from managing orders, downloading settlement reports, searching for marketing assets or displaying the on-site messaging on your platform.

Depending on how you were onboarded to Klarna, you might not be able to see all the apps available within the portal.

The portal is connected via API with your own e-commerce platform, which means that any action performed in an order in your backend, will be communicated automatically to the portal, making the management easier and more efficient. In that way, you don't need to modify your normal order management process. 

Be aware that any action performed manually in Merchant Portal, won’t be reflected in your backend.

Access to Merchant portal tools are enabled via 3 main areas as highlighted in the following image:

  1. Top bar
  2. Side menu
  3. Main page

1- Green area highlights the Top bar

2- Pink area highlights the Side menu

3- Blue area highlights the Main page

The top bar in the portal will allow you to access additional features based on business areas, as well as a self-service help tool.


This section will enable you to:

  • View all transactions made with Klarna as a payment method, along with the status of each one.
  • Manage orders and perform actions such as cancellations, captures, and delayed payments.
  • Handle disputes.
  • Generate reports for payouts made by Klarna.

Learn more about it here.

Conversion boosters

This section will enable you to:

  • Activate solutions for dynamic placements.
  • Activate Express checkout.
  • Activate Sign in with Klarna.

Learn more about it here.

Growth Marketing

This section will enable you to:

  • Activate solutions for advertising and promotion within Klarna ecosystems.

Learn more about it here.

Help tool

At the top right corner, you will find the help tool, which is a self-service feature inside the merchant portal that provides support and guidance on how to use all features and related topics.

In this tool, you can find articles on various topics. You can use the search bar to look for keywords or navigate through the different sections. If the Help Tool does not provide the information you need, you can always contact our Merchant Support through the support section.


The last option available in this area will be labeled with the username. From here, you will be able to update your preferred setup for language and timezone.


In the grey column on the left, you will find various apps available for you in Merchant Portal, such as orders, settlements, disputes, branding, etc.


The Support section provides access to our Merchant Support team. You can reach them by sending an email with your request or issue, and they will respond as soon as possible.

Payment Settings

Access this section to manage all settings related to your account. More info here.

Note: API credentials, SFTP credentials and bank account details are sensitive data, please share them always in a secure way.

Klarna Docs

Enables direct access to Klarna public technical documentation.

In the home page, you will instantly see a summary of your account within the payments, conversion boosters, or growth marketing sections.

Lastly, in the footer of merchant portal there will be always available a link to Merchant Portal terms and conditions. You can also see them here.