Klarna Docs - Legal and privacy (US)
This section only applies to:

Please be aware that Klarna Payments may only be utilized at stores (both online and in-store) that have received prior approval from Klarna. Usage of Klarna Payments in any store not authorized by Klarna could result in an obligation to repay any claims arising from such unauthorized use.

Ensure that your terms and conditions reflect your cooperation with Klarna.

As a merchant, it is crucial to meet, among other things, the following legal requirements on your website to ensure transparency and compliance with our merchant agreement and all applicable consumer protection laws (such as the The Fair Packaging and Labeling Act, and Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive Acts or Practices). 

Please ensure the information is presented clearly and understandably:

Contact Information:

  • Provide your registered business address.
  • List an active email address and telephone number to facilitate reliable customer contact.

Product Information:

  • Ensure all product descriptions are accurate and give a true representation of the items you are selling. If you choose to include images or videos, they must also reflect a clear and honest representation of the products.

Delivery Information:

  • Detail the method of delivery, estimated shipping times, and any other relevant shipping information.

Return Instructions:

  • Offer clear instructions on how to return a product. It’s insufficient to require customers to contact you for this information. Include the return address and any other steps, such as packaging requirements, etc, to follow.

Costs of Return:

  • Clearly disclose if the consumer is responsible for the return costs in cases of withdrawal, unless the return is due to an incorrect or faulty item being sent, in which case you cover the return costs.

Use of Klarna's Buyer's Protection:

  • Do not use Klarna’s Buyer’s Protection in any promotional materials or website copy as an endorsement of the quality of your goods or your store. It is intended to reassure buyers about the purchase process, not to imply any endorsement of product quality or store reputation.

Important Notice:

Non-compliance with these requirements may significantly impact the resolution of any disputes. Adhering to the guidelines listed above is essential for maintaining trust and accountability in your dealings with customers and ensuring a favorable outcome in dispute scenarios.

Ensure that your privacy policy reflects your cooperation with Klarna.

For your reference, you can view Klarna’s privacy policy here.