Klarna Docs - Step 4: Go live.

Step 4: Go live.

After you complete the integration in the test (playground) environment, follow this guide to display messaging in your live store.

1. Replace the playground JavaScript library snippet.

Log in to the Merchant portal (production environment) and go to On-site messaging > Installation.

Copy the installation snippet and insert it in place of the snippet you previously copied from the playground environment.

The scripts for playground and production with key differences highlighted.

Don't skip this step as your client ID is different in playground and production. If you don't replace the snippet, the changes won't be visible in your production environment.

2. Customize styling for placements in production.

If you've created any custom styles for placements in the playground environment and want to use them in production, you have to create them from scratch in the production Merchant portal. Currently, there's no way to copy them between playground and production.

You don't have to replace the placement code snippets.

Customizing a placement.

3. Validate if the integration is working as expected.