Klarna Docs - How to test.

How to test.

If you're reading this, you're likely ready to start testing. 🥳

Make sure you have your credentials ready and remember not to use any real data in the playground environment.

When integrating your online store with Klarna, you can test our products using Klarna APIs.

If you want to follow the customer journey, head over to the Demo store.

See what Klarna products look like when added to your store’s checkout or payment process.

You can call Klarna APIs to test end-to-end checkout and payment processes in your store. Go to Test scenarios to see the different behavior of the accepted and denied flows. 

If you integrate using third-party platforms (such as Shopify), see the Platform solutions documentation.

Base URLs in the playground environment are not the same as in production. For more details, see the Klarna Payments API reference.

After creating a test session and a test order, you'll be able to test the user account creation process. All user account details are taken from the sample data. Remember to not use any real-life user data when you explore the playground environment.

The Payments API lets you test the payment process when Klarna payment methods are included in your checkout.

The Checkout API lets you test the complete checkout as seen by your customers.

This section only applies to:

Depending on the details of your Klarna contract, you can preview some features in the Merchant portal. Orders created in the Merchant portal are linked to your Merchant ID (MID) and you can retrieve them using Klarna APIs.

If you don't have access to the test Merchant portal, read how to create an account.

See what buying with Klarna will look like for your customers.

Klarna’s Demo store lets you see what your customer experiences when they shop with Klarna. Different payment and checkout options are available, so you can see what the process looks like for your customers around the world.

The data in the Demo store is not linked to your MID. The orders you create using Klarna APIs or the test Merchant portal are not reflected in the Demo store.