Klarna Docs - Other Configuration Settings

Other Configuration Settings


  • Toggle to enable or disable the plugin. Should be enabled for both test and live modes.

Title (not applicable to checkout)

  • This allows you to change the name of the Klarna payment type on orders. This only affects your backoffice, and is not visible to customers.


  • This is a description for Klarna payment methods.

Other payment method button text

  • If left blank, will say "Select another payment method" and is translatable.

Add Klarna Urls to order email

  • This adds Klarna links to emails customers receive regarding their order.

Test mode

  • This allows you to enable test mode using Klarna's playground environment. Playground credentials should be entered to use test mode.


  • This enables debug messages to be logged in WooCommerce > Status > Logs. It is recommended this is enabled.

API Credentials Europe/United States

  • These are the regions from which customers will be able to see and use Klarna as a payment method, and is determined by your contract with Klarna. Production credentials are generated in the Settings app in the Klarna Merchant Portal, test (playground) credentials can be generated through this link.
  • Production > These credentials allow you to take real orders and will charge customers. If Test mode (above) is disabled, production credentials will be used to communicate with Klarna.
  • Test > These are used to test the integration of our plugin and your store. These are not real purchases and customers will not be charged. Used if Test mode (above) is enabled.

Shipping settings

Separate shipping address

  • Allows customer to have a shipping address that is different from their billing.

Shipping methods in iframe

  • If checked, shipping methods will be displayed and selected by the customer in the KCO iframe.

Shipping details

  • This will be shown to customers under Shipping Information on the thank you page.

Checkout Settings

Product URLs

  • If checked, this sends Product and Image URLs to Klarna, which improves customer post purchase experience.

Date of birth mandatory

  • Require customers to provide date of birth at checkout.

National identification number mandatory

  • Require customers to provide National Identification Number (NIN) at checkout. Only available In Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark.

Checkout privacy policy text

  • The location to display the privacy policy text (if at all).

Terms and conditions checkbox

  • Add a terms and conditions checkbox inside the Klarna iframe. Can be customized Appearance ⇒ Customize ⇒ WooCommerce ⇒ Checkout.

Allowed Customer Types

  • This determines the type of customers that are eligible to use Klarna on your store, business to business (B2B) or business to customer (B2C), and is determined by your contract with Klarna.

Title mandatory (GB)

  • Require customers provide their title. Only available in Great Britain.

Display quantity fields

  • This displays quantity change fields on the checkout page, allowing customers to change the number of items in their purchase.

Display subtotal details

  • How order subtotal details should be viewed, in the KCO iframe or standard WooCommerce order review (or both).