Klarna Docs - Klarna Payments (new payments app integration) - BETA

Klarna Payments (new payments app integration) - BETA

Coming soon, Klarna as an alternative payment method will be available using Shopify's new Payments Platform. (Existing HPSDK integrations, including the current Klarna Payments HPSDK integration, will be deprecated by Shopify, and will no longer be able to process payments, per: https://shopify.dev/docs/hosted-payment-sdk)

  1. Single payment method: All Klarna payment offers (pay now, pay later, pay over time) will be supported within one payment method activated in the store admin (configured under Alternative Payment methods). (Shopify Plus merchants that have custom Shopify scripts based on alternative payment method name(s) will need to update their code to use the new payments integration method name.)
  2. Order edits (including Pending payment draft orders): are supported.
  3. Capture (and cancel): depending on the merchant's "Payment capture" configuration setting in their Shopify store admin (under Settings->Payments), the Shopify order, and the corresponding Klarna order, will be automatically or manually captured. The Klarna order capture is NOT tied to the fulfillment of the Shopify order (as was the case for the previous HPSDK integration). If the Payment capture is set to 'Automatically capture' when the order is placed in the Shopify store, cancel and partial captures are not supported since the order would already be captured when placed.
  4. Order line data: As Shopify does not yet pass order line data with this new payments integration, the Klarna order will not yet have order line data (e.g. in Klarna Merchant Portal or consumer Klarna app) for Shopify orders. As the shared with Klarna is limited, and cannot be customized to share additional data, Klarna Extra Merchant Data cannnot be supported.
  5. Shipment tracking info: Shipment tracking information is no longer shared from Shopify to Klarna.
  6. Order tags: new payments integrations cannot currently set tags on a Shopify order.
  7. Pending: Klarna fraud pending orders is not supported; Shopify orders cannot be placed in pending status.
  8. Oversells of stock inventory: this integration cannot query the store stock inventory to avoid oversells; Shopify will be updating checkout to avoid oversells for alterative payment methods.
  9. Customizations of the Klarna payments page (locale, colors, logo, footer text); some customizations may be supported in the future.
  10. Test mode: the way test mode is supported is different between HPSDK and new payment method app integration, details covered at Test Mode documentation section below

By default, shipping phone number is optional in Shopify checkout, but Klarna Payments requires that both phone and email are supplied. If the phone number or email is not provided to Klarna, on redirect from Shopify, the consumer will be given an error message and redirected back to the Shopify checkout.  To avoid errors and provide a streamlined consumer experience, set phone number as required in Shopify admin by navigating to Settings → Checkout → Form options:

To require email in Shopify Checkout, under Shopify admin →  Settings →  Checkout →  Customer contact, choose the “Customers can only check out using email”. 

The locale for Klarna Payments locale will be set based on the store's locale concatenated with the customer's billing address country and are not currently configurable, e.g. English language selected for a customer with a US billing address entered in Shopify checkout would result in a request locale of 'en-US' when Klarna Payments is loaded. If the requested locale is supported by Klarna Payments, per: Available purchase countries, currencies and locales, the locale will be honored. If the locale is not supported, English is used as a fallback.

When the order is placed in Shopify, a payment id is set in the Shopify order Timeline information under the "payment was processed on Klarna." section, within the "Information from the gateway" subsection. This payment id is set in the Klarna order's merchant reference 1 and 2. (Shopify does not share the Shopify order id for this payments app integration for Klarna to be able to associate the Shopify order id or order name in the Klarna order.)

Shopify payment id is available in the Payment section Shopify store admin order's Timeline: Information from the gateway.

Shopify payment id is available in the merchant_reference_1 field in the order in the Klarna merchant portal

Initially, only the production Klarna account (and merchant portal) will be supported for test orders for this payments integration; a production merchant account (MID) will be required to place test mode orders with the Klarna payment method in a Shopify store. (Klarna's playground Klarna merchant portal is used or supported for the payment method app).

Klarna does NOT pay out for test mode orders. Make sure to uncheck Test Mode in the alternative payment method in your Shopify admin configuration for live stores!

Note: test orders will not be visible in the Klarna merchant portal (but test orders will show in the Shopify store admin if the order was completed); production orders will be visible in both the Klarna production merchant portal and the Shopify store admin.