Klarna Docs - Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

This article outlines the terms and conditions for use of Billie with your Klarna integration.

Klarna cooperates with Billie GmbH, Charlottenstraße 4, 10969 Berlin (“Billie”) in order to be able to offer Billie B2B BNPL. By using Billie B2B BNPL via Klarna you (the Merchant) agree to the below terms and conditions which are in addition to the terms applicable under your agreement with Klarna (the Agreement). Definitions and expressions used in the Agreement have the same meaning for the purpose of these terms unless the context clearly suggests otherwise.  

1. Transfer and Assignment of Claims

1.1. If a Customer selects the product Billie B2B BNPL in the Merchant’s  checkout process, Billie will evaluate the Customer's creditworthiness on behalf of Klarna. For this purpose, the Merchant transmits various data fields agreed between the Parties to Klarna, including but not limited to the name and registered office or address of the Customer, the amount of the invoice, the contents of the shopping cart, if applicable, and the order details and history. Klarna shares this data with Billie so that Billie can perform the credit check of the Customer. If this check is positive, the Merchant sells the Claim from this Customer to Klarna and assigns the Claim to Klarna. Klarna immediately resells this Claim to Billie and assigns the Claim accordingly to Billie. To the extent needed, Billie may disclose the chain of assignment of the Claim to the Customer.

1.2 You acknowledge and agree that Klarna’s right to transfer, pledge or in any other way dispose over the Claims under the Agreement will apply accordingly to Billie.

2. Specific requirements relating to the Claim

2.1 Upon request, you agree to send Klarna or Billie any relevant invoice documentation (including any contract, order, order confirmation and delivery note, proof of delivery). You agree to provide reasonable support if Klarna or Billie are unable to match a Customer's payment.

2.2 To the extent required, Klarna will provide you with sample clauses and texts (Model Clauses) to be included in your general terms and conditions. The Model Clauses will be linked in Billie's checkout-widget with a reference that these are the Merchant's own Terms and Conditions in relation to Billie B2B BNPL which means that it is not mandatory for the Merchant to include the Model Clauses in their terms and conditions. To the extent needed, you authorize Billie to link to the Model Clauses in the Billie checkout-widget and to display them to Customers as part of its Merchants terms and conditions.You acknowledge that Billie does not enter into a contractual relationship with the Customer by linking the Model Clauses as part of the merchants terms and conditions in Billie’s checkout-widget.

2.3  You agree to support Klarna and/or Billie in enforcing the Claim and all rights and claims derived from it. Upon request by Klarna, which can also be made by Billie on behalf of Klarna, you  will provide Klarna and/or Billie with all additional documents required to carry out the dunning process against the Customer and provide any relevant information within one month within one  week.

3. General responsibilities of the Merchant

3.1 You agree to inform Klarna and/or Billie of any circumstances which you become aware of which relate to the risk of a Customer's insolvency or any other risk of an assigned Claim not being settled by the Customer.

3.2  To  the extent you do not meet your obligations to pay the sales tax for an assigned Claim and the tax office claims Klarna to pay the sales tax portion (e.g. in accordance with § 13 c UStG), the Merchant is obliged to reimburse this amount to Klarna.

3.3 You undertake to effectively retain title to delivered goods vis-à-vis the Customer until payment of the assigned claim.

4. Invoicing service

4.1 Billie will prepare and send to the Customer a payment information or payment request and a cancellation invoice in the event of cancellations, refunds or the like after the acquisition of the Claim. You will provide Billie via Klarna with all necessary information such as company name, registered office, order number as well as the shopping cart and order value, VAT number of the Merchant as well as the Customer and VAT rates (together Payment Information Data) via the Klarna API for the creation of payment information, payment requests or cancellation invoices by Billie. You will ensure the accuracy of the Payment Information Data submitted to Klarna in this regard. You acknowledge that Klarna and Billie do not validate the transmitted Payment Information Data.  You acknowledge that the payment information or request for payment or cancellation invoice may not necessarily constitute VAT-compliant invoices.

4.2 In relation to Claims, you warrant that no Claim will exist against a related party. A related party is any company that has an interest in the Merchant, or in which the Merchant has an interest, or in which a shareholder of the Merchant has an interest, or whose agents are identical in whole or in part to those of the Merchant.

4.3 With regards to Swiss Claims, the Customer has duly agreed that the agreement with the Merchant regarding the underlying Swiss Claim is governed by Swiss substantive laws and that there are no contractual restrictions on assignments or set-offs..

5.  Support

5.1 Billie's technical support is available for all questions from the Merchant and the Customer about Billie B2B BNPL, and to solve any problems when selecting Billie B2B BNPL. Support can be reached during normal business hours at support_klarna@billie.io.

6. Billie Buyer Portal

6.1 Klarna may offer Billie Buyer Portal services for Customers. The Billie Buyer Portal services means certain post-purchase services such as display of all of the  Customer’s orders or invoices that a Customer handles or receives via Billie and corresponding order payment statuses across various Merchants, change of payment methods e.g. wire transfer, direct debit or credit and payment terms which may be extended in the future; all subject to successful identification and risk scoring of the Customer by Billie. Modifications of payment methods and terms will be subject to a successful identification and risk scoring of the Customer by Billie according to its risk policies. Billie determines the features available via the Billie Buyer Portal including but not limited to the concrete payment methods and terms offered to Customers.

7. Data storage, usage and transfer

7.1 In order to use Billie B2B BNPL, data must be transferred from Klarna to Billie. In addition, Billie itself collects data through website components hosted by Billie (e.g. "widget"). The data transfer from Klarna to Billie as well as the data processing and storage at Billie is required to offer Billie B2B BNPL. Billie's privacy policy for Customers is available at https://www.billie.io/en/privacy-policy/buyer. Billie's privacy policy for Merchants is available at https://www.billie.io/en/privacy-policy. 

8. Release from banking secrecy obligations in Austria

By using Billie B2B BNPL, you  expressly authorize Klarna Bank AB (publ), with reference to § 38 Abs 2 Z 5 BWG, to provide Billie GmbH, Charlottenstrasse 4, 10969 Berlin, registered in the Commercial Register Berlin Charlottenburg under HRB 182428 B, as well as partner companies of Billie GmbH (refinancing and collection partners) with all information in connection with my B2B contract existing with Klarna Bank AB or the Billie B2B BNPL and, if necessary, to provide copies of the documents.

1. Acceptance Process

Purchase on account for business customers  via Klarna powered by Billie (Billie B2B BNPL or Billie Kauf auf Rechnung)

The order is accepted by sending a declaration of acceptance in a separate e-mail or by delivery of the goods within three to four days. The declaration of acceptance by e-mail is sent by Billie GmbH, which has acquired the Claim against the business customer if the payment method Billie B2B BNPL  is selected.

2. Retention of Title

The goods and services underlying the business customer’s purchase remain the property of the Merchant until paid for in full.

3. Acquisition of Claim

Business customers have the option to pay the invoice amount by bank transfer after receipt of the goods and invoice ("purchase on account"). To offer such services, there is a cooperation with Klarna Bank AB ("Klarna"), which in turn cooperates with the financial service provider Billie GmbH ("Billie") to offer the payment method Billie B2B BNPL. In order to pay the invoice amount by bank transfer, a registration with Klarna is not required. After selecting the payment method during the ordering process, an address and credit check is performed by Billie. If such checks are successful, the order process can be carried out with the selected payment method and the Claim against the Customer is first assigned to Klarna and consecutively assigned from Klarna to Billie. The invoice amount shall be paid within the payment period indicated on the invoice and to the account, which will be communicated to the business customer as part of Billie's payment instructions.

4. Privacy

If the payment method Billie B2B BNPL is selected, an address and creditworthiness check will be conducted by Klarna as part of the ordering process, which will be carried out by Billie. For this purpose, the following data provided as part of the order, required for this address and credit check, are transmitted to Klarna, Billie and partner companies commissioned by Billie (e.g. credit information agencies, collection partners, etc.):

  • Personal data and contact information: Information on the identity of the customer (title, first and last name, telephone number, e-mail address) and the company in whose name the order is placed (company name and legal form, registration number and data, address and contact data, e-mail address, telephone number, shipping and billing addresses, customer number, tax number, VAT identification number, information on the industry and company size);
  • Transaction-related data: Invoice amount and payment term, information about products you order, such as order ID, quantity, shopping cart and billing information, existing customer status.

This data is used by Klarna and Billie solely for the purpose of checking whether the payment method requested by the Customer is available and, if the check is successful, for processing this payment method. As part of this processing, Billie will send the Customer information about the status of the order and invoice details to the e-mail address provided during the ordering process.

Klarna's Privacy Policy is available here: https://www.klarna.com/international/privacy-policy/

Billie's Privacy Policy is available here: https://www.billie.io/en/privacy-policy/buyer.

Both Privacy Policies apply in addition to our Privacy Policy and our General Terms & Conditions.

5. Payment requests, reminders and late fees

When selecting the payment method Billie B2B BNPL, Billie will send payment requests and payment reminders via email. Payments shall exclusively be made to the account specified herein.

If a customer's payments cannot be clearly assigned, Billie has the right to offset incoming payments from a Customer against outstanding claims of the merchant against this Customer, whereby a payment is initially offset against the oldest outstanding claim. If there are several open claims of the same age, a payment will be credited proportionately to all claims.

Overdue payments may entail late fees including administration fees incurred in dunning and collections processes and will be passed on the Customer. Such late fees will be added to the Customer’s outstanding balance and shall be immediately payable.

6. Support

Technical support in case of issues with the selection and implementation of Billie Services is provided by Billie. Billie support is available during business hours (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., except on Berlin public holidays), at info@billie.io.