Klarna Docs - Sofort


Sofort allows you to make a fast and easy payment of your online purchases using your online banking details.

Sofort plug-in can be purchased (for free) on the marketplace. Follow this link to install the extension.

Navigate to: Stores ⇒ Configuration ⇒ Sales ⇒ Payment Methods ⇒ Klarna Sofort.

To enable Sofort enable it in the settings by activating it and providing your configuration key.

Configuration key:  Can be found in your merchant portal.

Customer protection: You can enable the flag for customer protection, which will then be sent on requests

Show only for specific countries: Define in which countries you want to display Sofort as an available payment method.

Reference 1 + Reference 2: The content of those fields will appear on your transactions.

Those placeholders are possible:

  • Order number: {{orderid}}
  • Customer name: {{name}}
  • Date: {{date}}
  • Shop name: {{shopname}}
  • Transaction ID: {{transaction}} 

Temporary order status: This defines the initial status your orders will have after getting placed.

Confirmed order status: This defines the status your orders will have after the confirmation notification was received by your store.

Select the time of invoicing: This setting defines when an invoice is created. 

Possible options are:

  • After finishing the payment
  • The receipt of the money (can only be detected with an account with SOFORT Bank)
  • Do not auto-create invoice

Create credit memo automatically: Defines if a credit memo is created, if a refund notification from SOFORT is received. 

Send order confirmation: Defines whether an order confirmation email will be sent.

Send receipt emails: Defines whether an order invoice and refund emails will be sent.

Sort order: Defines the sort order of listed payment methods in the checkout.