Klarna Docs - Overview

With On-site messaging customers will know which payment and financing options are available before reaching the checkout page. To make this work a banner will be shown. For more general information about On-site messaging see here. The Klarna Adobe Commerce extension provides logic so that this functionality can be used in the store. It contains the following features:

  • Placement position: It can be shown on the cart and/or product detail page
  • Placement design: the look and feel of the banner can be selected
  • Design theme: This sets a theme to override the default or customized content. 

All these features can be configured in the shop admin at Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods -> Klarna -> Klarna On-site messaging:

On-site messaging can be configured in a way to decide where it should be displayed. It can be shown just on the cart page, just on the product detail page, or on both pages. When an error happens for example with the API then nothing bad will happen in the shop. On-site messaging just won’t appear. 

Each shop can look different. So that On-site messaging fulfills the desired needs for different shop themes it's possible to select different designs for it. There is a broad set of designs. The banner can have a wide, small, or even tall design. The design information for it is predefined at Klarna and the information about it will be returned from the API. No manual work except the selection of the design is needed.

It's possible to set a theme to override the default or customized content on the shop for the banner. Based on customized styling, for example, the text style and color can be configured so that the banner fits the used shop theme. This customization can happen in the merchant portal or via CSS.