Klarna Docs - Configuration

It is recommended to test the installation process on a test environment before deploying to your production environment.

The Klarna Checkout Module can be installed using the following commands from a command line:

# php bin/magento maintenance:enable
# php bin/magento cache:flush
# php bin/magento cache:disable
# composer require klarna/m2-checkout
# php bin/magento setup:upgrade
# php bin/magento setup:di:compile
# php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy [languages] (eg: en_US de_AT de_DE fi_FI sv_SE)
# php bin/magento cache:enable
# php bin/magento maintenance:disable

Klarna Checkout can be integrated quickly with a few configurations. Advanced options do exist if further configuration is needed.

The Klarna Checkout Module is also very extensible. This allows merchants to easily enhance and customize certain features to fit specific needs.

Magento uses a base currency that is configured at the website level (not store view) along with tax configuration done at the website level (not store view). To avoid rounding and mismatch issues we only work with base currency and do not support using display currency (which is used by the currency switcher).  So if you want to support multiple currencies you will need to setup multiple websites (with different URLs, configured in Magento at the "Website" level, not store view) for each currency.

After installation of the Klarna Checkout Module, a few configuration settings need to be set to enable Klarna Checkout.

These settings can be found by following the admin navigation path of: Stores ⇒ Configuration ⇒ Sales ⇒ Payment Methods ⇒ Klarna ⇒ Klarna API

NOTE: These options have a different appearance beginning with Magento 2.3.5. See the text in parenthesis “()” for their new display

API Version (Endpoint)The API version you should connect to. This is based on your region.
Merchant IDYour merchant ID for API interaction. (Provided to you by Klarna)
Shared secret (Password)Your private password for API interaction. (Provided to you by Klarna)
Test Mode (Mode)Credentials are specific to each environment. Select ‘Disabled’ (Production) for Live
Debug Mode (Logging)API requests to Klarna are logged in the default log directory. (Should not be enabled on production. Sensitive information is logged.)

Additional options can be configured for Klarna Checkout to adjust checkout behavior. These settings can be found by following the admin navigation paths:

Stores ⇒ Configuration ⇒ Sales ⇒ Checkout ⇒ Klarna Checkout


Stores ⇒ Configuration ⇒ Sales ⇒ Payment Methods ⇒ Klarna ⇒ Klarna Checkout

Restriction of checkout by customer group

Klarna Checkout can be restricted to select customer groups. Simply select the customer groups you wish to limit Klarna Checkout.  All non selected groups will be presented with your existing checkout. If no groups are selected, all customers will be directed to Klarna Checkout.

External payment methods

Alternative payment methods can be displayed within Klarna Checkout as an alternative to Klarna’s standard offering. These options will appear when the customer must choose a payment method before completing the purchase. Only certain external payment methods are supported by Klarna.  Only PayPal Express support is provided by the Klarna Checkout Module.

Klarna Checkout will not appear until the payment method is enabled. The Klarna Checkout Module does have several additional features that can be enabled and configured to modify the checkout experience.

Payment configuration

Payment settings is configured via the following path:

Stores ⇒ Configuration ⇒ Sales ⇒ Payment Methods ⇒ Klarna ⇒ Klarna Checkout

Enable this SolutionWhether or not to use Klarna Checkout
New order statusStatus that an order gets set to after fraud processing has completed
Shipping CountriesSupported shipping countries for Klarna.
Disable Klarna for specific customer groupsSelected groups will see standard checkout instead of Klarna checkout.
External Payment MethodsAdditional payment methods not processed through Klarna, e.g. PayPal, that can be included on the Klarna checkout page. Make sure to enable the specific payment method first for it to show up in the list. See External Payment Methods section above for more info on adding custom payment methods

Checkout Options

Checkout options can be configured via the following path:

Stores ⇒ Configuration ⇒ Sales ⇒ Checkout ⇒ Klarna Checkout Options

Merchant CheckboxA checkbox will be added to Klarna Checkout that will trigger the event selected before order is placed.
Merchant Checkbox TextPredefined checkbox options will have label text by default. Use this field to override the default text. Leave blank to use default text.
Merchant Checkbox RequiredSelect if the checkbox is required to place the order. Not required by default.
Merchant Checkbox CheckedSelect if the checkbox should be checked by default. Not checked by default.
Allow Guest CheckoutUsed to determine if guest customers should be offered  the Klarna Checkout. If set to ‘Yes,’ guest customer will be allowed to checkout with Klarna.
URL to terms and conditionsThe URL to your terms and conditions. This is required in all markets.  If left empty, Klarna Checkout will fail to initialize.
URL to cancellation termsThe URL to your cancellation terms and conditions. This is only applicable in the DACH market. Field is ignored if left blank.
URL to redirect for checkout failuresMust be a fully qualified URL. If left blank, defaults to the cart URL. Useful for redirecting checkout failures to a specific page other than the shopping cart
Shipping methods in iframeDisplay shipping methods inside the Klarna iframe. This is ignored and forced to 'no' in some markets. This is ignored and forced to "yes" if KSA is enabled (starting from version 9.2.2)
Packstation EnabledOnly applicable in DACH market. Enables support for Packstation.  Forces “Separate shipping address” to “Yes” (ignores whatever value specified in that setting)
Separate shipping addressesUsed to enable shipping address to be different than billing address
Auto focus Klarna CheckoutFocus will automatically be set to the Klarna Checkout on load. This allows for entry of customer details without requiring the customer to move their mouse.
Pre-fill Customer DetailsPrefill Klarna Checkout with stored customer data.
Customer pre-fill noticeDisplay a pre-fill notice to registered customer before submitting details to Klarna. The customer must accept the notice to have their account details shared with Klarna.
Title mandatoryRequires that the customer specifies title (not supported in all markets)
Date of birth mandatoryRequires that the customer enters the date of birth (not supported in all markets).
National Identification number mandatoryRequires that the customer enters their NIN/SSN (not supported in all markets).  Enabling this can also have the effect of requiring DOB in some markets
Telephone number mandatoryRequires that the customer enters a phone number (not supported in all markets).
Enable B2B modeSee B2B section
Business ID attributeOnly visible if “Enable B2B mode” is “Yes”.
Custom CheckboxesSee Multiple Checkbox Support section

Checkout Design

Checkout design options can be configured via the following path:

Stores ⇒ Configuration ⇒ Sales ⇒ Checkout ⇒ Klarna Checkout Design

CSS hex colors are used, e.g. #FF9900

Checkout button colorModify the color of buttons.
Checkout button text colorModify the color of button text
Checkout checkbox colorModify the background color of a checkbox
Checkout checkbox checkmark colorModify the color of the checkbox checkmark
Checkout header colorModify the color of headers on checkout
Checkout link colorModify the color of links on checkout
Checkout border radiusModify the border radius of the iframe