Klarna Docs - Express Button Overview

Express Button Overview

Klarna Express Button provides shoppers with a fast and convenient way to shop with Klarna.

You can add the Express button to your cart screen to offer your customers a quick and secure checkout option. With pre-filled data for all Klarna shoppers, you’ll provide a convenient shopping experience that customers expect, even if it’s their first time visiting your app.

Native support for this feature is as easy as it gets by an actual native view added to your iOS or Android application.

For further technical details and a guide on how to integrate for both platforms please refer to our iOS guide here and Android guide here.

You can Integrate Klarna Express Button by following these steps:

  1. Create an instance of Klarna Express Button.
  2. Add the button to your screen.
  3. Implement the event handler to receive the user details.

Klarna Express Button requires you to set some parameters before seeing the button rendered in your application. The mandatory parameter you need to set is the Merchant Identifier value (MID). There are other optional parameters, such as Locale, Button’s label, Button’s shape, etc., that you can set and override their default values.

Once you created the button instance and set the parameters, you need to add the Klarna Express Button to your screen so it is visible to the customer in a way that they can interact with it. If you have set all the parameters correctly, the button will be rendered successfully.

Once the user completes the Express Button flow, you will receive their details via the event handler you have implemented and set it to the Klarna Express Button. You can then use these details to pre-fill billing and shipping information on your checkout screen.