Klarna Docs - Ad and Content Guidelines

Ad and Content Guidelines

The Klarna Ad and Content Guidelines are established to provide guidance on the types of content allowed to run on all of our domains. All assets created  should be reviewed against the policies in this document.

These guidelines are put in place to ensure Klarna maintains a user-friendly experience for its customers. At Klarna Advertising we believe maintaining a high bar drives more effective results for advertisers and as such, we follow the below guidance to ensure all content on our platforms are customer-focused.

Klarna reserves the right to remove, reject or request amends to any ad that may not adhere to the guidelines in this document, or might otherwise breach national marketing rules or guidelines. If you have any concerns regarding creative that is to be used in an advertising campaign, please reach out to the most appropriate client support team. We periodically update our advertising guidelines so please check this document often to ensure you are always up to date on the latest requirements.

Ad Guidelines - Klarna App.pdf
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