Klarna Docs - Style guide

Style guide

Keep it simple.
Don’t lose a customer because the payment instructions were too complicated. Use Klarna’s crisp suggested texts - we got it covered for you.
Avoid using icons only.
Guide your customers through simple numbered steps instead, so they know exactly what to do next. 
Stand out.  
Use black text on light backgrounds and white text on dark backgrounds.
Don't overcomplicate it.
Prioritise clarity. Your customers will appreciate it on their way to the checkout. 
Upstream too.  
Be sure to include Klarna throughout your site - before the shopper even gets to the checkout - in order to maximise reach. Use our onsite messaging tool! 
Don't encourage debt.
Do not encourage shoppers to spend outside of their means. Using phrases such as ‘strapped for cash?’, ‘don’t wait until payday’ or ‘broke AF’ are unacceptable and irresponsible. You have an obligation to ensure your customers stay financially healthy.
Be sensitive to the situation.
Carefully consider what is going with your customers and in the wider market environment, and amend your promotion and marketing of Klarna accordingly - in all your channels. One message does not fit all circumstances.