Klarna Docs - Banners


Let customers know they can finance their purchase through Klarna. Try to display financing options as early as possible in the shopping experience, such as on your website home page to boost sales and increase average order volume. 

Best practice

Combine with Klarna’s On-site messaging to increase your online sales and average order volume with tailored financing offers.

Sustainability Badge

Let customers know that you care about their shopping experience, the whole way through the journey. Regardless of how your customers decide to pay, transparent, safe and smooth payments without any unreasonable or unexpected costs is what we call Sustainable Payments.

Best practice

Along with the banner, make sure you add the “Pop-up” message to explain to your customers what you mean by Sustainable Payments.

Inspiration for the Klarna banner placement

Pick the banner you like best and place it on your home page or product pages. The Check-Out page will already display badges explaining each payment method, so it is not required there. Choose from 4 sizes to fit your needs by downloading the full pack below for your convenience.

Finland sustainable payments badge and banners.zip
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