Klarna Docs - Approved messaging

Approved messaging

Choose any of the following approved messaging to include in your marketing touchpoints activities - anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Keep your brand's tone and style when speaking to your followers. See the following text when you want to inform your customers about Klarna on your online store. Choose the desired text based on the Klarna product in your checkout.

Osta nyt ja maksa myöhemmin Klarnalla. (Shop now and pay later with Klarna.)
Nyt voit tehdä ostoksia ja maksaa helposti Klarnalla. (Now you can shop with us and pay easily with Klarna.)
Osta mitä haluat. Maksa miten haluat Klarnalla. (Buy what you like. Pay the way you like with Klarna.)
Maksa vasta toimituksen jälkeen Klarnalla. (Pay after delivery with Klarna.)
Maksa omassa tahdissasi. Pilko maksut Klarnalla. (Pay at your own pace. Slice it with Klarna.)