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Data protection information

When personal information is shared with a third party, you need to inform the customer that this is taking place. For legal purposes Klarna counts as a third party in your relationship with your customer.

Therefore, when a customer chooses Klarna Checkout as a payment method, they must be informed about how their personal information is being handled.


1. Only registered customers may have their information pre-filled in Klarna Checkout.

2. The customer needs to be informed about the transfer of data to Klarna AB.

3. The Klarna Checkout user terms should be available on the website for the customer to read - separately or together with the Terms & Conditions.

4. The Klarna Checkout user terms muste be shown and approved before the data transfer to Klarna is executed.

5. The transfer of personal data to Klarna needs to be ensured according to data protection legislation relevant to the store’s country.

This section only applies to the regions:
Germany, Austria

Integration details

Either the KCO is always prefilled for logged in users (in which case the merchant has to adjust their terms and conditions accordingly and bear the legal risk), or the following information and choices are presented to the user. Partner systems should be configurable, while merchants have to make this decision during the integration phase.


How information is presented depends on if the user is logged in or if login is done on the checkout page.

1: Customer is logged in

A button or checkbox is displayed directly above the KCO with the title Meine Adressdaten vorausfüllen .

Adjacent is a note: Es gelten die Nutzungsbedingungen zur Datenübertragung .

This leads to a page or overlay with the information text.

The KCO is prefilled only if the user clicks on the button or checkbox.

2: Customer logs in on the checkout page

The login fields on the checkout page should have an adjacent note saying “Es gelten die Nutzungsbedingungen zur Datenübertragung”

This leads to a page or overlay with the information text.

If the user proceeds with the login, the KCO is prefilled.

End of regional section

Customer information text

Information which must be shown to the customer, before sending the personal data to Klarna AB. The text must include a link to Klarna Checkout Terms and Conditions (the link must contain your merchant EID and a locale).

English Version

We use Klarna Checkout as our checkout, which offers a simplified purchase experience. When you choose to go to the checkout, your email address, first name, last name, date of birth, address and phone number may be automatically transferred to Klarna AB, enabling the provision of Klarna Checkout. These User Terms apply for the use of Klarna Checkout is available here:\_us/checkout

NOTE: The merchant EID and customer locale must be provided in the link.

This section only applies to the regions:
Germany, Austria

German version:

In unserem Kassenbereich nutzen wir Klarna Checkout. Dazu werden Ihre Daten, wie E-Mail-Adresse, Vor- und Nachname, Geburtsdatum, Adresse und Telefonnummer, soweit erforderlich, automatisch an Klarna AB übertragen, sobald Sie in den Kassenbereich gelangen. Die Nutzungsbedingungen für Klarna Checkout finden Sie hier:****EID****/**de\_de**/checkout

NOTE: The merchant EID and customer locale must be provided in the link.

End of regional section