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Swedbank has allowed Klarna to validate their requirements they have on the merchants for Swedbank to be added as a payment method.

CN Requirement

Apart from the requirements that Valitor has you need to make sure that:

  • The merchants Corporate Number is visible on the merchants web site.

If the merchant does not have the Corporate number visible the merchant is not allowed to go live.

Valitor requirements

Valitor has guidelines and requirements of each merchant that is approved by Klarna to start taking credit/debit card transactions and process it to Valitor, which Integration Sales needs to verify and approve before the merchant is let live in Klarna Online.


  • The link to the store is correct

  • The link does not re-direct the merchant to another URL

  • All links on the website is fully working

    • contact page info
    • the store’s terms & conditions
    • (buying terms)

Customer service

  • The merchant enables information about its customer service
  • The merchant is clearly presenting information about where to turn for customer service by email and/or phone
  • The merchant’s European corporate address (physical address) is listed somewhere on the website


  • All prices are visible

    • products
    • shipping fees
    • transaction currency appears correctly in Klarna Checkout (SEK/EUR/NOK)

Terms & conditions

  • There is a refund policy visible on the website

    • The refund procedure is clearly stated
  • There is a shipping policy visible on the website

    • The shipping procedure is clearly stated
    • The delivery time frame is clearly stated