Klarna Docs - Payment widget

We're introducing a new customer purchase flow where we handle everything related to the payment widget, so you don't have to worry about it. If you're using the new purchase flow, skip this section. Otherwise, if you still handle the widget, find more about it in this section.

Easily add one or all of our payment methods to your online checkout with the Klarna Payments API. Our payment widget comes with everything you need to display our payment methods inline.

  • 41% increase in average order value
  • 30% increase in conversion rates 
  • Always up-to-date and compliant messaging

Payment descriptor. Should be dynamically populated by the name returned when a Klarna Payments session is created. Klarna badge. Should be dynamically populated by the logo returned when a Klarna Payments session is created.

Klarna badge. Should be dynamically populated by the logo retured when a Klarna Payments session is created.

Dynamic checkout assets. Klarna’s assets are returned on a category-level in the object asset_urls. Klarna will automatically update the payment descriptor depending on available payment methods to optimize your conversion.

Visit the Create a Klarna Payments Session documentation for more information.

Mainly for the Dutch and German markets, but technically applied for all EU markets

Make sure your order confirmation button contains the required wording in order to make the consumer legally obligated to pay. A court ruling (case C-249-21) has established a principle regarding what copy needs to be displayed on the order confirmation button in retailers' checkout. A legal obligation to pay will only arise if the customer is made explicitly aware of their obligation to pay for the order. This means that the wording on the order confirmation button must include the word “pay” in some capacity; e.g. “order & pay”, “pay my order”, “order with payment obligation”, etc.

It is the responsibility of each individual online retailer who has integrated Klarna Payments to ensure compliance with the above-mentioned principle since the retailer controls the order confirmation button. In order to proactively mitigate potential complications regarding future collection claims, all retailers will have to conduct their own legal analysis of the abovementioned court case and update their respective order confirmation buttons accordingly to ensure that the wording is compliant with the aforementioned principle.

To help shoppers see and select Klarna, display the payment method name, Klarna badge, category, and payment description.

Don’t present the payment method without the Klarna badge as it decreases brand recognition and usage.

Don’t create your own descriptions. We ensure that the descriptions provided are up-to-date and in line with legal requirements.

Documentation: Klarna Payments APIPayment method branding.

Klarna ensures you stay compliant and up-to-date with data-sharing, terms and conditions, and data protection. If you want to share data with Klarna you need to collect consent in the checkout. Read more about this here.

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