Klarna Docs - Express button checkout flow

Express button checkout flow

Klarna’s Express button is light, and designed with flexibility in mind. It simply moves the customer’s Klarna authentication from the checkout page up to the cart page, passes the customer’s details back to you, and leverages your existing Klarna Payments integration to handle the remaining steps to purchase. This creates a faster checkout experience for customers, and improved conversion rates for retailers.

A great Express button integration starts with placing the Express button on the cart page and concludes with following the below best practices to minimize the steps required from the customer before placing the order through your existing checkout page architecture.

  • Over 7x faster than the standard checkout
  • 53% of Klarna shoppers choose this checkout experience 
  • 19% increase in Klarna volume

After clicking the Express button, the customer quickly signs in with Klarna, providing their address information. Klarna stores this information for a faster returning customer experience. We share this information with you (example JSON below), so the customer doesn’t have to do any typing on your checkout page.

  first_name: "Anna",   
  last_name: "Smith",
  email: "anna@example.com",
  date_of_birth: "1990-01-01",
  phone: "+18004444444",
  address: {
    street_address: "629 N High St.",
    street_address2: null,
    postal_code: "43215",

When you receive the javascript callback, use it to pre-fill name, contact, and address information for both billing and shipping address. Set “shipping=billing” as default. (Klarna data shows over 75% of orders use matching shipping/billing information.)

Klarna’s Express button flow does not include shipping method selection; this is still determined by customers on your checkout page. For the fewest steps and maximum conversion, select your most popular or default shipping method when integrating the Express button.

Once you’ve populated the customer’s address information and selected the default shipping method, you can bypass those two steps in the checkout, leaving only payment confirmation. Place the customer to the payment step. This is often the last step before order placement or review.

In the Express flow, customers have chosen Klarna as their payment method prior to the formal checkout page. For customer clarity, pre-select the Klarna payment option at the payment step in checkout. Or, for further simplicity, only show the Klarna payment option -- with a “Change” or “Edit” option for customers to revise their payment preference if desired.

Important: Your Express button integration sits on top of your existing Klarna Payments integration, so there are no changes needed from this point on. The purchase experience (order details, purchase approval, etc) remains the same.

Customers will proceed to review their payment details with Klarna, then we will redirect them to your confirmation page.

Follow the above steps to make Express button as fast and smoooth as possible.

Include “Change” or “Edit” options for customers who decide to alter their shipping address, shipping method, or payment details.

Don’t forget to populate the customer’s information!

Don’t drop the customer at the start of checkout. Redundant and repetitive checkout steps lower conversion.

Don’t forget to pre-select Klarna as a payment method. Pre-selecting a debit card or another payment method can confuse customers who clicked on the Express button with intent to buy using Klarna.

Documentation: Express button, Best practices for Cart page

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