Klarna Docs - Payment Method Grouping

Payment Method Grouping

This article will describe how payment methods are grouped together under payment method categories and what ID is used to refer to them when loading Klarna’s widget.

To make the customer experience better, we have grouped similar payment under groups, so that we could display them in a better way.

Below you will see a description about what payment method that are offered, as well as what payment method group they are categorized as.

To the right you can also see what payment_method_category they are displayed under when loading the Klarna Payments widget.

Payment methodPayment method Brandpayment_method_category
DIRECT_DEBITPay Nowpay_now
CARDPay Nowpay_now
INVOICEPay Laterpay_later
PAY_IN_XPay Laterpay_later
FIXED_AMOUNTSlice itpay_over_time
SLICE_IT_BY_CARDPay Later or Slice itpay_over_time
ACCOUNTSlice itpay_over_time