Klarna Docs - Additional features.

Additional features.

Depending on the market and the details of your Klarna deal, you may be able to add some extra features to your store.

You can customize the colors of some elements of the Klarna widget to offer your customers a more consistent buying experience.

  • The color is set as an option in the load call in the Javascript SDK.
  • You can only use hexadecimal values.
  • If you don't set any values, the widget uses the default color scheme.

Here is a list of the graphic elements you can customize:

  • "color_details": "#C0FFEE"
  • "color_border": "#C0FFEE"
  • "color_border_selected": "#C0FFEE"
  • "color_text": "#C0FFEE"
  • "radius_border": "0px"

Example image. This can be different in every region.

This section only applies to:
This section only applies to: