Klarna Docs - Release an authorization

Release an authorization

Releasing an authorization will remove any debts created on the customer by Klarna during the Klarna Payments session.

If the authorization_token received during a Klarna Payments won’t be used to place an order immediately you could release the authorization. Releasing the authorized amount will free up the available purchase amount for this customer. Releasing the authorized amount is done by performing a Delete operation.

Best Practice: Releasing an authorization will trigger the reversal or releasing on any amounts of a card a consumer has used in the purchase flow. Making this happen faster, than letting the session expire.

DELETE /payments/v1/authorizations/{authorizationToken}
Authorization: Basic pwhcueUff0MmwLShJiBE9JHA==
Content-Type: application/json

{ }
HTTP/1.1 204 No Content

Content-Type: application/json
Klarna-Correlation-Id: e19dc121-1276-419d-882a-c343d58fb9aa

{ }
    "correlation_id": "6a9b1cb1-73a3-4936-a030-481ba4bb203b",
    "error_code": "ERROR_CODE",
    "error_messages": [
Error CodeError messageComment
NOT_FOUNDInvalid authorization tokenThis error message will be triggered in case the authorization you attempted to update is not valid anymore. Or the ID is incorrectly formatted.