Klarna Docs - Enable the smoooth purchase flow in KCO

Enable the smoooth purchase flow in KCO

In order to get the improved purchase flow to work in an optimal way, there are a few things to consider: 

With the new purchase flow we will also introduce additional payment methods to your checkout, in order to accommodate a predictable and consistent User Experience, regardless of where the consumer shops.

Only if you are validating payment methods and comparing such to what you would expect prior to creating Klarna orders in your backend systems please make sure this will be fixed. You’ll find the payment methods that need to be supported below.

If you’re using Klarna's full check-out experience via Klarna Checkout and validating purchases in Order Management, please see the payment methods that need to be supported here.

If you are using Klarna in your mobile app, we need you to be on the Klarna SDK versions that are compatible with the new UX! Please make sure you are on the latest SDK versions available, but not lower than the following ones:

  • Android: 2.1.6
  • iOS: 2.1.5

In order to optimize the purchase experience, we recommend you to retain only one single widget in your check-out. This means Klarna will be shown as one payment method in which the new purchase flow is visualized, and the consumer can choose how to pay and be remembered for future purchases.

Why does it look different when I shop with Klarna?

  • Klarna has introduced a new and improved purchase flow that makes shopping with Klarna a consistent experience wherever you choose to pay. The flow is also more secure by introducing a new login process. 
  • We’re also aiming to make your purchase experience as consistent as possible in terms of payment methods. Therefore you might see some new payment methods available in the check-out, in order for you to choose how to pay regardless of where you shop. 

Why do I need to login to a Klarna account?

  • You will need to sign up for a Klarna account once – to verify and set up your account. You can also save your preferences and favorite payment method for any future purchases.

Will you remember me next time?

  • Klarna will remember you on your device. This will make your purchase experience shorter and easier for future purchases. You can always choose to opt out from being remembered by updating your settings in the Klarna app. 

How do I choose how to pay?

  • After you choose Klarna and authenticate with your account, you’ll see a screen where you can choose if you want to pay today, later or if you’d like to finance your purchase. Note that the payment methods can vary depending on the merchant.
  • If you’ve saved a payment method as your favourite earlier, you’ll be presented with this one in your next purchase. Regardless if you have a favourite payment method or not – you can always choose to change the payment method in the flow. Please note that this feature will not be available in Finland due to the consumer credit legislation.