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Product information

Customers are less likely to contact the store after making a purchase if they receive a clear confirmation that they bought the right thing. Include product images and URLs in the API calls.

Business impact

  • Reduce the number of customer support requests
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase the return traffic to your website by up to 600 %

In the Klarna app

Merchant overview

Customers will see a clear overview of their order as well as previous purchases made with your store in our app.

Upload receipt images so that customers can visually confirm their order. To do this, send Klarna the product picture and the product URL address alongside the rest of the order line data when you create, capture, or edit an order.

Price drop notifications

Let shoppers who have bookmarked items in the Klarna app get immediate notifications when there’s a discount. Through Klarna’s automated processes, we help drive traffic to your store.

Business impact

  • Increase conversion
  • 25% higher AOV above Klarna norm on purchases made after notifications

Price watcher

Shoppers get notified when there’s a discount on bookmarked items in the Klarna app, and can directly go to the product page by clicking on the notification.


  • Allow traffic from KlarnaBot to collect the relevant data for your customers to get notified in the Klarna app.  
  • Don't disable traffic from KlarnaBot, as will lead to missing notifications and lead to less traffic to your store.
    You can read more about KlarnaBot here.

Integration details

Send Klarna the image_url and product_url alongside the rest of the order line data when you create, capture, or edit an order. Do not deactivate KlarnaBot traffic from Klarna, which is used to collect images, link to your store, and send price drop notifications in the Klarna app. 

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