Klarna Docs - Button shapes

Button shapes

In order for the Express button to fit into the aesthetic of your website, we offer three different button shapes. The button shapes offered are rectangle with rounded corners (default) , rectangle and pill shaped. You may choose which one to use in the following manner:

Shape: Default

Setting the parameter: data-shape='default' will render the button as a rectangle with rounded corners. In case the parameter 'data-shape' is not specified it will automatically take on the "default" value.

<klarna-express-button data-locale='en-US' data-theme='default' data-shape='default'/>

Shape: Rectangle

Setting the parameter data-shape='rect' will render the Express button as a rectangle with square corners.

<klarna-express-button data-locale='en-US' data-theme='default' data-shape='rect'/>

Shape: Pill

Setting the parameter data-shape='pill' will render the Express button as a pill shaped button.

<klarna-express-button data-locale='en-US' data-theme='default' data-shape='pill'/>