Klarna Docs - Before you start

Before you start

Before integrating Express button, make sure you’ve covered all necessary prerequisites.

To integrate Express button, you have to be using Klarna payments in your store, either through direct integration, a payment services provider (PSP), or a third-party platform.

Allowlisting (also known as whitelisting) is only required in live (production) environments.

  • For all integration types, your merchant ID (MID) has to be added to the allowlist.
  • For all integration types, your website’s domain has to be added to the allowlist.
  • To integrate Express button into your mobile application, apart from allowlisting the domain, you have to add the app’s identifiers to the allowlist.
    ◦ For Android apps, add the application ID to the allowlist.
    ◦ For iOS apps, add the bundle ID to the allowlist.

To get any of the identifiers allowlisted, contact your Klarna delivery manager.

The browser address bar showing an example of an allowlisted domain https://www.klarna.com.

The allowlisted domain has to start with https://, for example, https://www.klarna.com.