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We have just released information on our new products and new APIs on this site. Please make sure to select the correct product you are integrating with before you go on.

If you have an existing integration, click to view the correct documentation: “Klarna Payment Methods” (KPM) or “Klarna Checkout” version 2 (KCO-v2).

For information on our new products Klarna Payments (KP) and Klarna Checkout version 3 (KCO-v3) please select the product below.

If you are unsure of which documentation you need, please consult a Klarna tech sales representative.


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A full checkout experience embedded on your site. It lets your customers check out on your site with only their email and ZIP, and pay with the major payment methods including the specific Klarna payment methods. All available in one integration.

Klarna offers three payment methods. Pay now, Pay later and Slice it. It offers your consumers to try before they buy, finance purchases on your store, or make use of other payment options made available by Klarna.

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